Pegangan Kamera di Motor

Yang dibutuhkan:

  • (1) PVC pipe T, I used 1.25″ with a .75″ top. This was actually a little large for my purposes, I would have been better off using a T with the interior diameter equal to the size of the handlebar.
  • (1) Pipe cap, sized to fit the top of the above pipe T.
  • (1) bar knob (1/4-20 thread). This is the black piece of plastic used to cinch tight against the base of the camera to hold it in place. Found at Lowes (NOT Home Depot) in their small-parts section. Likely also at Ace Hardware.
  • (2) hose clamps (large enough to fit the outside of the pipe T.
  • (2) rubber washers, found at the local Ace Hardware.
  • 1/4-20 x 1.5″ machine screw, with 2 washers and a locknut. (This is the thread for your camera tripod mount)
  • (2) Sections of old garden hose.
  • Pipe cement.

screw tight

Langkah-langkah yang harus dilaksanakan:

assemble materials

First I had to assemble my materials. The rubber washers were the hardest thing to find, but I located them at the local Ace Hardware in their small parts section.

drill end cap

Drill the center of the end cap. I used a 1/4″ bit. This is where your machine screw will be placed.

put machine screw into cap

Assemble the machine screw into the pipe cap. I used a flat washer on each side while pinching the rubber washers directly in the PVC. You can likely skip the rubber washers but I am using them for vibration isolation.

cut pipe T

Cut the pipe T roughly half-way down. The top portion is what you will be clamping to your handlebar. I used a Dremel, but a hacksaw would work just as well.

glue pipe cap

Glue the pipe cap with your machine screw into the top of the pipe T.

cut to fit

Since the space available on the flat part of my handlebar was too narrow for the full pipe T I had to cut the ends off to fit. In this photo the bar knob is shown installed on the thread of the screw.

wrap hose on handlebar

Wrap your old garden hose sections onto your handlebar. I did this for three reasons: 1) to protect the finish on the handlebar when I clamp the device, 2) to help provide a “grippy” surface to clamp to, and 3) to attempt to reduce vibrations on the overall mount.

install hose clamps on handlebar

Unscrew the hose clamps all the way, wrap around handlebar and start the thread again.

screw tight

Aim the mount, screw the hoseclamps tight, stand back and admire your handy-work.

finished handlebar camera mount

Fortunately for me the windscreen is large enough that the mounted camera (a Canon SD400) is protected from on-coming debris (small rocks, rain, etc.)

admire result

Admire the results of your construction in building a very cheap handlebar mount for a small camera.



About Mora Tanto

I was a biker.. now driving old car.. I was a student, and still :) Friends me :-D
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4 Responses to Pegangan Kamera di Motor

  1. rori says:

    halo..cari rubber washernya di ace hardware mana ya?krn saya cari di ace hardware Bintaro tdk ada…tks

    • mungkin di ace hardware lain mas bro,
      tapi saya malah lebih yakin kalau itu ada di toko material/bangunan, yang biasa digunakan untuk menyambung pipa air,
      (selamat hunting mas bro, dan share klo udah kepasang nanti)

  2. maman says:

    sudah dicoba belum mas bro? reviewnya gimana?
    saya mau bikin tapi takutnya kamera jadi rusak karena getaran berlebih… maklum dana cekak….

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